Inspired by the largest and most unique servers, an RPG-survival server.



To create a real economy experience we've added the ability to create and buy auctions, to and from other players!


The more time you spend playing and leveling up your skills the quicker and more profitable your skills become. Use this to your advantage!


To keep exploring the world, there are quests to complete. These reward both experience and money to the player!


To aid you on your journey through the vast and dangerous open world we've listed some commands below!

/report [player]

To help keep the server safe, we ask you to report any players that you deem suspicious of cheating.


As a default player you are able to set one home teleport to make your travels, just a bit faster.

/rtp (Random Teleport)

To make sure you have some space to start building, we've added a random teleport command. Which teleports you to a random, but safe location.


Want to see when your friends are online because the server is too full? Cry no more! And add your friends, to your friendslist!


To easily gain some money whilst gathering resources, try picking a job! Which range from farming to mining etc.

/plan (Player Analytics)

Want to see how you compare to the other players on the server? Register an account in our player analytics page!


Below some of the recent developments within the server. If you wish to add some suggestions, feel free to join the discord! (CLICK HERE)

NPC Dialog

Before you start speaking to an NPC you get a small introduction dialog.

Dark Auctions

Every once in a while Sirius as some exceptionally strong items for sale, highest bid wins!

Custom Fishing

To actually make fishing useful, you're now able to get real rewards from throwing your pole!


To see how strong people actually are, you are able to see their gear by right-clicking on their character.